Use the links below to download the latest flyers from KStrong Asia. Stay informed about our newest products for Fall Protection PPE, Confined Space & Rescue, and Fixed Line Systems.


AFF4000 IMPACT Series Horizontal Lifeline System Flyer

AFF5000 Horizontal Alu-Rail Lifeline System Flyer

AFF6000 Vertical Lifeline System Flyer

KStrong AFF7000 Flyer front

AFF7000 Vertical Lifeline System Flyer

KStrong AFF8000 Flyer front

AFF8000 Vertical Alu-Rail Lifeline System Flyer

AFF9000 Vertical Lifeline System Flyer

Fall Arrest Anchors Flyer

Evac-R Rescue Kit Flyer

KTECH Safety Helmet Flyer

Twin Micron SRL Flyer

ECON Series Fall Protection Kits Flyer

BRUTE Sealed SRL Flyer

KStrong Tool Lanyard Flyer

Quadpod Multifunction Rescue System Flyer

KStrong Brute Sealed Series Flyer

KStrong Product Warranty Coverage Flyer

KStrong Epic Wind Harness Flyer

KStrong Marine Vessel Fall Protection Solutions Flyer