KStrong® 20 ft. Rescue Ladder System

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KStrong 20 ft. Rescue Ladder System has been designed for the self-rescue of a conscious user who has had a fall. The ladder kit allows the user to climb to safety with the added benefit of using a backup rope attached to the user which reduces the chance of a secondary fall.

Key Features


  • Rescue ladder kit with 20 ft. ladder and 6 ft. concrete embed strap with loop at both ends
  • Equipped with kernmantle rope, rope grab and carabiners
  • Simple and easy to deploy Fast Drop System using an existing or a temporary anchor point
  • The added rope grab system allows the user to climb efficiently while safely reducing the risk of a secondary fall.
  • Optimized for fast and easy rigging
  • Only requires one person to operate
  • 23 ft. of Rope
  • Comes with convenient backpack style bag
  • Total kit weight 8.84 lbs.


20 ft.


8.84 lbs. ± 0.11 lbs. (4010gm ± 10gm)


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