Stainless Steel Cable SRL’s Now Available

Stainless Steel Cable BRUTE™ SRL’s Now Available

Our 20, 30, and 50 ft. BRUTE™ SRL models UFS310020, UFS310030, and UFS310050 are now available with Stainless Steel Cable. The new part numbers for the Stainless Steel Cable units are UFS310020(SS), UFS310030(SS), and UFS310050(SS) respectively.

What Are the Benefits to Stainless Steel Cable?

Stainless steel wire rope is suitable for almost any application. It provides customers with a better return on investment as it retains its high-strength characteristics over the course of its lifespan. Because it has received a chromium treatment, stainless steel has a high level of corrosion resistance. Due to the addition of this component, stainless steel can be used in wet circumstances despite the presence of potentially detrimental saline conditions. For instance, stainless steel wire rope can be used for many years in marine settings without corroding.

The Bottom Line

A practical and affordable option, stainless steel wire rope is strong, resistant to saline moisture, and suitable for a variety of purposes.

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