KStrong T-Line 12M with Rescue Winch & Stainless Steel Cable

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AFA945012R(SS) KStrong T-Line 12M with Rescue Winch & Stainless Steel Cable

Key Features


  • Consists of two independent lifelines which allow the user to move in a horizontal and vertical direction.
  • Prevents pendulum effect in the event of a fall.
  • Suitable to work around overhead obstructions, such as pipes/services and even gantry cranes.
  • Reduced fall arrest distances over larger spans (can be less than 600m).
  • The T-line can be mounted with each end at different heights, for sloping roofs etc.
  • Features an integrated rescue winch that can retrieve a person in the event of a fall.
  • The T-Line reduces the forces on the User and the supporting structure when a fall occurs.
  • Rated for one user 140kg.
  • Easy to install and transportable.


Casing : Durable and High Strength Polymer
Wire Cable : 316 Stainless Steel 4.8mm Wire
Karabiner & O-Ring : 316 Stainless Steel, MBS 23kn
Minimum Breaking Strenght : 15kn


20.10kg± 0.50 kg


Horizontal – 6.0 Meters. Vertical – 12.0 Meters.
Vertical – 6.0 Meters. Horizontal – 12.0 Meter


EN 795:2012 TYPE C & EN 1496:2017 Class B


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