KStrong® Megadavit™ 54 in. Column Mast (High Strength Aluminum Alloy)

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Key Features


  • Lower mast assembly is designed to be fixed on KStrong® Megadavit™ system with H-base davit, wall/floor mounted, hitch mounting davit/concrete flush mounted davit.
  • Comes with pre installed mounting bracket which is compatible with retrieval blocks by using universal mounting bracket.
  • Upper offset mast (BOOM) support plate is designed to attach the upper offset mast with the help of locking pins & can be adjusted at 3 defined positions.
  • Additional eye nut is provide to use as an anchorage point in case of rescue.
  • Cap is provided on top of assembly to prevent ingress of water and dust particles


Lower mast: Aluminum alloy
Eye nut: Stainless steel
Mounting bracket: Alloy steel


Lower mast: ED coated grey
Eye nut: Polished
Mounting bracket: ED coated black


38.95 lbs ± 0.44 lbs. (17.67kgs ± 0.20kgs)


Conforms to EN 795:2012 Type A


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