KStrong® Ladder Extension Davit Kit for Fixed Ladders

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Key Features


  • The Ladder Extension Davit Kit is designed to be attached to the upper
    section of the ladder allowing the user to be connected at all times,
    ensuring complete safety.
  • A basic and effective tool used to provide additional support for assisting
    users while transitioning from a ladder to a raised working surface.
  • Compatible to accommodate a minimum rung diameter of Ø0.87” (22mm) to a maximum rung dia. Ø1.73”(44mm).


Alloy Steel ED Coated Black


30.31 lbs. ± 0.22 lbs. (13.75kg ± 0.10kg)


Meets or Exceeds EN 795:2012 Type A


If the Ladder System has been provided with the Extension Arm, this shall be installed in place of Upper Mounting Bracket as the Extension Arm is provided preinstalled with the Mounting Bracket for the Upper end of the system.

Follow The Simple Steps For Easy Installation (Top Rung)
• Hold the extension arm against the upper last three rungs of the ladder.
• Hold the fisher plate in front of the extension arm.
• Insert the given U-bolts through the rung in to the fisher plate. Tighten the nuts of the U-bolts
• Repeat the exercise for the Second Rung from the top.
• On the third rung of the ladder, from the top Insert the given U-bolt through the ladder
rung in to the slot so as to pass through the extension arm tighten the nuts of the U-Bolt.

Additional information


20 ft., 30 ft., 40 ft., 50 ft., 60 ft., 70 ft., 80 ft., 90 ft., 100 ft., 130 ft., 160 ft., 200 ft.


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