OSHA Micron™ Product Announcement // December 18

OSHA 420 lbs. User Capacity

We are pleased to announce that our entire line of Micron™ Series SRL’s are now OSHA Rated to a Maximum Load Capacity of 420 lbs. However, to maintain compliance to ANSI, Maximum Load Capacity rating must not exceed 310 lbs. The models affected and updated to reflect this new designation on both our technical data sheets and website are as follows:

      • UFS350002
      • UFS350002D
      • UFS351102
      • UFS351102D
      • UFS354002
      • UFS354002D
      • UFS356002
      • UFS356002D
      • UFS359002
      • UFS359002D

Click Here to Download PDF about this announcement with updated tech sheets.

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