Vertical Anchorage Line System on Rigid Aluminium Rail



AFF8000- Vertical Anchorage Line System on Rigid Aluminium Rail

Key Features


This Vertical fall Arrest Anchorage system (certifying to EN 353- :2014+A1:2017) is an integrated Fall Arrest solution made of a Vertical Aluminium Alloy Guide Rail over which glides a Guided-Type Fall Arrest Trolley.
The line is constructed by attaching the Aluminium rail Intermediates of length 3 mtrs. in series using a Junction to connect them to each other, and Rung Clamps to affix them to the ladder rungs. The trolley
moves up and down on the line accompanying the user who is connected to it with an Auto-locking Steel Karabiner.
In the event of a fall, the trolley which is inbuilt with Shock Absorption feature, immediately locks over the Rail, thus arresting the fall. Also, when not in use, the Uni-directional locking system of the Trolley prevents it from sliding down on its own.
The Rail comes with an Extension Arm that curves at the Ladder-end over the working platform. This allows the climbers to be connected with the trolley even at the Ladder termination ensuring complete safety.
The bottom most section is the Aluminium Rail Extremity which is equipped at the end with a lock that prevents the trolley from moving out of the rail.
The system also has an Inspection Name Plate which is installed on the first rung of the ladder for identification, traceability and maintenance of inspection records. One stainless steel cable ties are used to fasten the System Name Plate to the structure. At time of installation, the relevant details are punched on the plate by a number punch. The revalidation ates are punched each year on the plates after inspection and revalidation.


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