AFF114113-Long Span Swaged Tensioner to be Used with 18KN Shock Absorber

Key Features


  • The Long Span tensioner device is an interconnection piece between the cable and 18kN energy absorber AFF114112.
  • Allows the cable to be adjusted and tensioned ensuring a taut Horizontal Lifeline.
  • Cable sealing is provided to prevent unintentional rotation of tensioner due to vibrations.
  • Equipped with a tension force indicator to ensuring the correct
    tension is applied to the wire for optimal use. Simple tighten until disc spins.
  • Contracted length (Minimum) 533.0 mm
  • Extended length (Maximum) 740.0 mm
  • To be used with 8mm 1×19 Stainless Steel wire


Tensioner : 316 Stainless Steel, Electro Polished E Coated
Minimum Breaking Strength : 25kN


1.450 kgs ± 0.020 kgs


AFF4000 System Specifications – Conforms to EN795:2012 Type C


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