IRSQ Self Evacuation Kit 50M

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AFX209040(50)-IRSQ Self Evacuation Kit 50M

Key Features


  • Manual operated, controlled descent device makes the descent smooth and secure.
  • This device enables the User to be evacuated downward.
  • Fully Assembled and ready to be used.
  • To descend the user simply squeezes the handle – to stop, simply let go or reduce pressure to feather your descent.
  • Light, fast and safe.
  • The descender can be installed/removed at any point on the rope.
  • Can be supplied in various lengths on request.
  • Total Kit Weight- 6.06kg


AFC601415 – Aluminum Twist Lock karabiners
Material : Aluminum Alloy
MBS : 23 kN
Finish : Natural Silver, Colored Anodized
Weight : 84 gm + 5 gm
Complies with EN 362:2004 Class B

AFX200011(50)- 11mm Semi Static Kernmantle Rope
Material : Polyamide
MBS : 25kN
Weight : 4.1kgs ± 0.01kgs
Complies with EN 1891:1998

AFA921515 – 20mm Anchor Strap
Material : Polyester
MBS : 20kN
Weight : 165 gm +10 gm
Complies with EN 795:2012 Type B

AFX202002- Self braking Descender
Finish : Anodized in different colours
Weight : 250gms +10gms
Complies with EN341:2011 Type 2, Class B & EN 12841 TYPE C

AFZ177150- Rescue Bag
Finish : PVC Welded
Weight : 1.3Kg ± 0.020KG


AFX209070 EVAC-R
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