Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline System on Rigid Cable Line

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AFF4000- Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline System on Rigid Cable Line

Key Features


The AFF4000 (OH) Cable Line Fall Arrest System is designed for commercial buildings and industrial structures of all types. Our engineered systems cover all your working at heights requirements for maintenance, cleaning, access, wash bays and inspections.
The Fixed Cable Line Fall Arrest system is an integrated solution to arrest the fall of a user who constantly works on any building/ structure that has an element of a potential fall and where your only fall arrest connection point is above your head or on the side of a building or structure.
This system allows you to walk along a fall edge for a continued distance while staying connected in fall arrest. Safety, simplicity, and durability are some key words to explain the advantages of this system.
This system is made of stainless steel components, wire cable and is maintained in the rigid position by the use of two mounting brackets-one at the start and one at the end.
The AFF4000 (OH) Fall arrest system has been rigorously tested and manufactured in accordance with EN795:2012 Type C & TS 16415:2013 Standards, ensuring you have quality and guarantee of any system installed onto your asset.


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