AFF4000 IMPACT Lifeline Trapezoidal Roof

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AFF4000 (Roof Mounted) – Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline System on Rigid Cable Line

Key Features


AFF4000 FXline Cable line Fall Arrest System is designed for commercial and industrial buildings of all structural types. Our engineered systems cover all your working at height requirements for maintenance, cleaning, access and inspections. Suitable for Trapezoidal or Standing Seam Roof Profiles.
The AFF4000 system has been rigorously tested and manufactured in accordance with EN795:2012 Type C and TS 16415:2013 Standards ensuring you have quality and guarantee of any system installed onto your asset.
The fall arrest system provides a permanent connection for 4 users who require to move along fall zones while working at height. It comprises of stainless-steel components, wire cable thickness (grade 316) of 8mm diameter and intermediate posts hold the wire cable in position along the length of the fixed cable line. The Intermediate brackets hold the wire in position all along the length of the wire and are installed at an interval of 5m – 15m’s.
The wire cable is tensioned with a tensioner at one end, the other end has an energy absorber connected to the end extremity post to absorb the forces in the event of a fall.
The stainless-steel carriage body connects the user to the fixed cable line using a lanyard or HLL (Horizontal lifeline assembly), the carriage body slides smoothly without interruption along the entire length of the horizontal wire cable line through the intermediate posts, always ensuring 100% anchorage of the user.


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